Thank You…

I would personally like to thank all the hunters that came to hunt last year on Sunrise Outfitters property. I would like to start off by talking a little bit about the 2018 turkey season. We all know that it was a rough season throughout the country due to the temperatures; although we did see large amounts of Jake’s last year.

The 2019 turkey season starts on April 13th through May 5th. I am certain that the 2019 season should be very successful. Turkey hunts for the 2019 season are already starting to fill up quickly, so now would be a good time to book your hunt.

New Additions…
In addition to the current cabin on Sunrise Outfitters property, we have also added a new hunting cabin that will sleep twelve hunters comfortably and will be used strictly for the hunting season.

Since the 2018 season, I have joined Gamekeepers and have learned vast amounts of information on the planting of food plots. My intentions for this year are to plant anywhere from twelve to fifteen acres of total food plots on the property. The food plots will consist of several different types of food to keep the deer on the property throughout the hunting season.

I have also recently spoken with Jeff Sturgis who is a whitetail specialist and a land manager. He has given me a lot of different pointers and ideas on ways to control the land and hunts. He has also helped me with the strategy of placing of the food plots and deer stands.

Questions &Answers…
I would also like to touch on some of the commonly asked questions when I receive calls on booking hunts. Hopefully I can clear some of these frequently asked questions up for hunters looking to book at our facility.

Q: If I book a hunt at Sunrise Outfitters, what do I need to bring with me for my stay at the cabin?
A: All you will need to bring is your food and meals for the days/nights that you will be staying at the cabin on the property. Everything else is included; bedding, appliances, utilities, etc.

Q: Is there a scoring system on the bucks?
A: Sunrise Outfitters does not have a scoring system on bucks. We don’t believe in this because there is a chance that some hunters cannot score from yards away. Our whole basis is for a group of hunters to come onto the property, enjoy themselves, and have a chance of shooting a nice deer.

Q: What percent of deer are taking on the property?
A: Unfortunately, there really isn’t an exact answer for this question. It is almost impossible to talk about percentages because there are hunters that hunt for only big deer and some hunters that hunt for 8 to 10 pointer bucks. All I can do as the owner of the property is to keep our website updated with photos from our deer cameras and on the property. My job as the owner of the property is to create land management that is conducive to bringing deer and keeping deer on the land.

2019 Season…
This season, I intend to put in several acres of Blackwell switchgrass for bedding areas for the deer.  I also will have corridors made from sorghum to help the deer feel more comfortable coming to the food plots. I will upload photos of the food plots and the land once the season starts.

Kentucky is one of the lowest pressures per acre states. I own 350 acres of land and the 800 acres that surrounds the property that is not hunted on creates a low-pressure situation which increases a hunter’s chances of shooting a buck. I also like to run my hunting facility on a low-pressure basis. I make it to where hunters come to the property, stay local on the property, and can hunt wherever they would like.  Sunrise Outfitters is not like other businesses where the land owner tells hunters when to get up to hunt and where they can hunt.  Hunters on Sunrise Outfitters can hunt anywhere on the property that they would like and in any deer stand or blind. I strive to make Sunrise Outfitters a family-oriented hunting business. I also want to make it a very enjoyable hunt for hunters and their families. I want hunters to be able to come and go as they please on the property.

In closing, my main objective is that I want all the hunters to have a great time while hunting and staying on our property. This is the most important part of a hunt especially if a hunter comes with family members. I try to keep the pricing relative and fair compared to some of the bigger hunting operations. I myself have went to several of the bigger Outfitters and this is how I have come to the conclusion on how I wanted to run my hunting Outfitters business. The thought of having to get up and hunt at a certain time or to be taken to a certain stand and told what to do is not the way I like to run my business. Also, some of these other Outfitters charge quite a large amount of money because they include meals. Trust me, the meals are not what you expect. Once again, I try to run Sunrise Outfitters as I would like my own experience to be if I went somewhere to hunt. Thank you and I will continue to better the property and the hunting experience to the best of my ability and resources. I look forward to the 2019 hunting season.

-John Kronewitter
Owner of Sunrise Outfitters