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Deer, Turkey and Pheasant Hunting in Kentucky … The Sunrise Outfitters Experience…

Looking for quality Deer, Turkey or Pheasant Hunting in Kentucky – affordable hunting on unpressured and pristine private property this season?  Sunrise Outfitters offers affordable packages for deer, turkey, pheasant or upland game, including overnight accommodations at the onsite lodge.

Cynthiana, Kentucky is located just 45 minutes south of Louisville or Cincinnati, and two hours from Indianapolis, Sunrise Outfitters is an easy 20 minute drive of 1-75 at Georgetown, Kentucky.

Pheasant Hunting at Sunrise Outfitters

Pheasant season starts November 25th and runs through March 31st

Sunrise Outfitters is your premier choice for Pheasant Hunting in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Our prime hunting grounds are teeming with these exquisite game birds.  Book your adventure now!

Here are the details and requirements:

  • $1,100 per guy for 22 pheasant
  • you must have your own dogs
  • a minimum of four guys
    (up to 16 guys total)
  • each guy can get up to 22 pheasant
  • arrive Friday and stay the night the cabins
  • hunt Saturday and half day on Sunday for a two night stay
  • we will clean the birds and then you dress them up
  • price includes 2 night stay at our cabins and cleaning of the birds

2023 Velvet Hunt Season was a Success!

The Sunrise Outfitter Guides, Darren and Jeff, did an outstanding job! Thanks to them everyone got a buck in velvet!

These are the deer that were taken this 2023 season! We had five hunts and all five guys got bucks ranging anywhere from scoring 128 to 160!


Lucky Buck is an amazing product and this is the results and has definitely helped us with our antler growth this year

Kentucky Sunrise Cabins are Available for Rent!

Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky has
On-Site Cabins which overlook the beautiful rolling hills on the property.

Our Newest Cabin!

We just finished building a new cabin for 2023, at one of the 80 acre parcels! This is our fourth cabin, so now it’ll be a lot more convenient for the hunters to be able to hunt right at the properties.
Now you will be able to walk right out and go hunting! No more driving!

2023 Deer Cam Photos!

Click here to see more pics!

2023 Spring Turkey Season was a Success!

We had a total of 11 birds …
the biggest one weighing 26 -1/2 lbs!

Click here to see more pics!

This Buck showed up on October 10, 2022!!
It would be the first Buck that would score 200!!


Thank you to all our spring turkey hunters for making the season memorable. Hope to see you all again!

We had another great year and appreciate your business.  We will try and make it even better as we go along.  Hope to see you all next year!

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Kentucky’s deer season opens early!

Early season velvet bow hunting begins September 1st. Our fully guided early season archery hunt is affordable and memorable.

  • Velvet / Bow 5 Day Hunts are $2,500
  • Open Gun First Week 5 day hunts are $2,500

We just planted 20 acres of food plots!
Chicory, Buckwheat, Sorghum and White Clover!



  • Sunrise Outfitters Deer and Turkey Hunts now has property in 4 counties in Kentucky – Harris, Bracken and Robertson. We have purchased 80 Acres of land in Robertson County, and just added an additional 32 acres of river bottom ground in Robertson County, which is just 20 minutes from the cabins. This new property is awesome for Deer and Turkey hunting!
    Check out pics of the new property!
  • After Turkey season ends, we will begin planting our new feeding plots of on all 3 properties, on June 1, 2021. The food plots will consist of several different types of food, including Sugar Beets, Chicory, Alfalfa, and Millet, to keep the deer on the property throughout the hunting season. .We have also added feeders to all 3 properties.
  • Checkout our Facebook Page to keep up with all recent activity at Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky!


Another Great Start to the Year at Sunrise Outfitters in Kentucky!

There were a total of 3 bucks taken between September 4th and September 6th – one was a 12 pointer scored at 182-½!  In the last 2 years, we have taken 2 bucks that were in the 180’s! Here is a buck shot on September 11th!

More pics…

Youth Season 2021 at Sunrise Outfitters!

A couple of young men got these birds at the same time!  Great way to start off the season!

This beautiful deer was shot at Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky!


Trophy Velvet Buck Taken on Opening Day at Sunrise Outfitters in Kentucky!


Shooter Jeremy Cloonan from West Virginia, bagged this 15 pointer weighing approximately 300 pounds.

Jeremy was in a stand for an hour and shot the buck in the 50 acre woods on opening day of the season, in Kentucky. With a gross score of 185, this could be the new state record for a deer in velvet shot with a bow!  The old score was 183.

Shot on Opening Day at Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky!

We found these sheds on the new farm right before it became ours!

Some Commonly Asked Questions on Booking Hunts…

Q: If I book a hunt at Sunrise Outfitters, what do I need to bring with me for my stay at the cabin?
A: All you will need to bring is your food and meals for the days/nights that you will be staying at the cabin on the property. Everything else is included; bedding, appliances, utilities, etc.
Q: Is there a scoring system on the bucks?
A: Sunrise Outfitters does not have a scoring system on bucks. We don’t believe in this because there is a chance that some hunters cannot score from yards away. Our whole basis is for a group of hunters to come onto the property, enjoy themselves, and have a chance of shooting a nice deer.
Q: What percent of deer are taking on the property?
A: Unfortunately, there really isn’t an exact answer for this question. It is almost impossible to talk about percentages because there are hunters that hunt for only big deer and some hunters that hunt for 8 to 10 pointer bucks. All I can do as the owner of the property is to keep our website updated with photos from our deer cameras and on the property. My job as the owner of the property is to create land management that is conducive to bringing deer and keeping deer on the land.

Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky offers some of the best hunting ground in Kentucky!

See More Pics...

Shot on Opening Day (Gun), 2018

Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky caters to deer and turkey hunters on 1000 acres of prime wildlife habitat, 350 acres dedicated to Deer Hunting. This property is covered by rolling hills and ravines with 40 wooded acres, two ponds and two creeks. In addition, it is surrounded by 800 acres!

Sunrise Outfitters recently added 600 MORE ACRES of land for turkey hunting! 300 of those acres are located at the river bottom. This totals 1,000 acres for Turkey Hunts!  We have also acquired 40 acres of solid woods in Bracken, County.  This is definitely a huge improvement and will make for a greater hunting experience for the Deer and Turkey season!

We have 7 trail cams set up around our property, to keep updated reviews of deer and turkey throughout the year. Check out our gallery of pictures over the past 4 years!

We have also added 6 Maverick Tower Blinds for the hunting season along with 15 1-man Hunting Stands and two 2-man Hunting Stands!  During Summer we will be putting up more deer stands and cameras,  and will be adding photos throughout the summer.

Successful Deer Hunts at Sunrise Outfitters!

Successful Turkey Hunts at Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky!

Corporate Outings or Retreats…

Sunrise Outfitters Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting in Kentucky specialize in corporate outings and retreats. We will cater in meals or prepare them onsite to meet the needs of each group.


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